Welcome to InSite, the brand spanking new blog for Project Solver.

If you didn’t know already...Project Solver is a Millennium-born company offering expert insight to the building services industry on a national scale.

Project Solver has impressive experience and a unique approach to problems. Project Solver cuts the waffle, promises a realistic analysis and most importantly a solution. Not surprisingly, this has meant that Project Solver has been successful in attracting such clients as the Merlin group and HSBC.

InSite will aim to keep you updated and informed about the latest Project Solver news via a brand new blog roll and via its live twitter feed www.twitter/projectsolver.com

InSite hopes that Project Solver’s specific desire to provide tailor made support systems for you, the client will be enhanced by its new twitter page and its up-and -coming interactive forums, in which you will be able to search for solutions and support more readily and directly than ever before.

Project Solver is committed to providing you with a solution. Unlike our competitors we now have a modern interactive forum and news blog ONLINE for your convenience. As a result Project Solver is the most accessible electrical testing company that you can choose and hopes to cement even further its motto that a solution is ‘not a promise, a guarantee.’

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